International Debt Capital Markets Handbook 2021

Publication DateAugust 2020

International Debt Capital Markets Handbook 2021

The 24th edition of the International Debt Capital Markets Handbook will be an essential reference source for readers keen to remain ahead in the debt capital markets. Major industry voices explore the challenges, opportunities and future of the global debt capital markets.

The Handbook will provide an overview of the current international marketplace, including debates and analyses from worldwide experts on the future direction of the debt capital markets. Areas covered will include: Green bonds, European high yield market, Sustainable bonds, Covered bonds, Regulation and intervention, Frontier markets, Eurobonds, Hybrid securities, Primary markets, and much more.


The International Debt Capital Markets Handbook is proud to be a media partner at:

The annual meeting of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA)  is a long-established major gathering for the  global bond market. At the ICMA AGM and conference we expect to bring together C-level delegates from the market and from ICMA’s  international membership, to join us to discuss the issues facing the market and its future development. The conference is also open to ICMA non-members.




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