Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2017

Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2017

The Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2017 offers a detailed insight into this sector, with debates and analyses from worldwide experts on the future direction of the markets.

Areas due to be covered include: Revival of the ABS markets; Mortgage-backed securitisations; Index-based structured products; The RMBS market; Cross-asset solutions; Commercial real estate debt; Extracting value from ABS; European structured credit; Credit enhancement; Auto lease ABS; Dual-index structured products; CMBS market; Risk management systems; Private label mortgage-backed securities; Managing the risks in MBS; European ABS markets; REITs; European CLOs; Basel III liquidity coverage ratio; regional and country profiles; and regulatory reviews.

The Handbook is a valuable reference point for anyone wishing to further expand their knowledge on this exciting financial sector.

The Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook is proud to be a media partner at Global ABS 2017.




AFME and IMN are excited to announce the 21st Annual Global ABS, taking place 6-8 June 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. The 2017 programme will feature an outlook on new innovations and how the market is adapting to positive regulatory developments as renewed confidence in securitisation helps restore economic growth and builds towards capital markets union in Europe. Please join us as we further engage with the regulatory community, participate in key policy and client networking discussions, and continue to focus on ways to rebuild the European securitisation market for sound growth and performance in the future.


Publication Date: October 2016



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