Global Wealth & Private Banking Review 2015

Global Wealth & Private Banking Review 2015

The Global Wealth & Private Banking Review 2015 discusses innovative strategies for maximising the investment opportunities of the high net-worth client, providing an overview of the current market. Individual contributions from leading players from across the globe focus on current trends and ideas in private banking, asset & tax management, and investment at an international level.

Understanding the investment behaviour of high net-worth individuals requires increasing expertise from the international private banking industry. Private investors are continuing to become more sophisticated and demanding and wealth managers must offer innovative and comprehensive strategies to effectively compete in this market place.

The tenth edition of the Global Wealth & Private Banking Review provides an overview of issues affecting the market with expert contributions from private bankers, wealth managers and asset managers. The Review discusses wealth management & private banking issues and developments at an international level and will consider how high net-worth individuals can best profit from maximising their opportunities. Topics covered include: upheavals in private banking, the future of wealth management, opportunity in amongst the uncertainty, transparency, Sukuk and private banking in Italy, among many more.


Publication Date: February 2015


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