World Leasing Yearbook 2020 Contents


From strength to strength: nine years of continuous growth in leasing

Change is the disruptor and driver of vehicle leasing

How leasing is changing the healthcare market

How the rise in car sharing will affect OEMs and captives

Leasing: The best way for businesses to go green?

Sukuk as an alternative funding source for Islamic leasing (Ijarah)

Latin America 2018–19: Disrupting trends in leasing?

Ireland – a world leader in aviation finance and leasing

Increased occurrence of underinsurance in SMEs is leaving lessors exposed

Leasing in Africa in 2019: Africalease professional action


Information technology review

Leasing software evolves for the new decade

Why it’s time for asset finance to break free

Cloud is shaping the future of asset finance

Technological agility through agile adoption strategies

Five ways AI will assist the credit origination process

Pay-per-use: The challenges for consumption-based leasing in a tech-driven world

Servitization and the impact of technology: Updates on the equipment and auto finance sectors


Leasing software reviews

Leasing software in Europe

Leasing software in the US

Leasing software in Asia-Pacific


International leasing associations                 


Country reviews

Argentina Greece Norway
Australia Hong Kong Pakistan
Austria Hungary Peru
Belgium India Poland
Bolivia Indonesia Russia
Brazil Iran Serbia
Canada Ireland Slovakia
Chile Italy Spain
China Japan Sweden
Colombia Korea Switzerland
Czech Republic Latvia Taiwan
Denmark Lithuania Thailand
Egypt Malaysia Turkey
Estonia Mexico Ukraine
France Morocco United Kingdom
Georgia Netherlands United States
Germany Nigeria Uzbekistan